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Roller garage doors offer a number of benefits and as a result are very popular. Below are some of the main advantages:

  • Roller doors are double skinned, insulated and sealed all round meaning your garage and rooms next to your garage will stay warmer during the winter.

  • They are very space-efficient, rolling up into a 30cm box or smaller the let you utilise the whole of your garage for storage.

  • Every roller door is made to measure, this is good for odd-sized garage openings meaning roller doors are often the most cost-effective option in these situations.

  • Roller door open and close vertically meaning you can park your vehicle right up to it allowing you to use your whole driveway.

  • With no tracks or springs on the inside roller doors provide a very 'clean' look for the inside of your garage.

We offer 3 brands of roller garage doors Trojon, Aluroll and Hörmann

See our Gallery page for more examples of roller doors we have fitted.

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